How to import CSV to Firestore database without code

How to import CSV to Firestore database without code

In this article, you'll learn how to import CSV to Firestore or Firebase and build an app that allows users to upload a CSV file into your Firestore database.

Let's quickly import CSV (or XLS, XLSX, JSON) data to Firebase. Firstly, create a new project and connect the Firestore database. Jet automatically syncs and pulls all your data from the existing Firestore collection.

Step 1: Import CSV data or CSV file

Go to Data and choose the Collection in which you would like to import your CSV data. Click Import Collection as a button on top of your Collection.

Drag and drop or Choose your CSV file from the file directory.

Step 2: Preview and map your Data

Next, preview the data and verify the field types. You can adjust them as needed. Jet supports over 30 field types, including single-select, multi-select, URL, JSON, and more.

Jet automatically detects the CSV structure and tries to map it with the Collection based on the Column's Names. Verify mapping and update it: Click on the Column Name and choose a field from Import from the drop-down.

Step 3: Click import data

Finally, click import to see that data is imported in bulk into your Firestore collection.

Creating the app

Using Jet, you can build an app (internal tool or customer portal) that enables your users to import data by themself without providing access to all of your Firebase Collections and Documents by providing granular permissions to your data.

Go to Visual Builder. Grab a Table and Button components from the right-hand Components panel and drag it to the Canvas to the left. In the right-hand panel, specify Import operation and choose import collection.

Publish your App

Press Preview -> Publish

What’s next

This tutorial taught you how to import a CSV to Firestore or Firebase using Jet. At this point, you should also understand the basics of Jet and likely see how it could apply to other processes.

For more ideas, check out Jet app templates here, and of course, our docs.

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