How FoodBerry is Redefining Foodtech with Jet Admin

How FoodBerry is Redefining Foodtech with Jet Admin

Ever felt like you need an app for all types of food orders? There you have it! FoodBerry is an online marketplace that allows users to easily book a table, get food delivered to them, or order takeaway from their favorite restaurants. No standing in lines, no waiting for cooking or billing.

Besides the range of order options, the application offers a variety of payment methods and provides tracking of delivery. To build customer loyalty, FoodBerry continuously provides their clients with special offers and discounts. Such sophisticated system wouldn’t be able to function steadily without a great back office put in place. This is when Jet Admin takes the stage.

The FoodBerry Team has been employing the Jet admin panel as both their own operational tool and as a CRM for restaurant partners. Thanks to Jet Admin, both FoodBerry operators and restaurant agents now have all the tools needed to study and influence customer behavior, gather feedback, and make data-driven decisions.

According to the CEO’s words, “The installation was complete in 10 minutes, while the entire customization and set-up took about 2 weeks, which is impressively quick”. As of now, the team consists of 10 members and the tech stack they’re using is Django.

The Admin Panel for the Operational Team

Dashboards and Analytics. For a food tech service, especially for a marketplace app like FoodBerry, it’s crucial to keep track of partners’ revenue. In Jet Admin, the Operations team can easily segment and analyze the restaurants’ earnings by month, year, category, etc. Such analysis helps estimate market demand for a diner or product over time and make better partnership decisions in the future.

Restaurant moderation. The restaurant onboarding process is usually time-consuming and challenging to say the least. Your team has to go through all submitted documents, upload an entire menu on your app (um, should we mention attaching images and including preparation time for every dish?), and make sure that payments are successfully sent at the end of each month.

These tedious operations can be optimized with Jet Admin. For instance, the FoodBerry team has coded and integrated their own Flex Actions for signing documents, importing menus, and publishing diners on the service. It’s all quick and easy now!

Customer service. Let us set the record straight, ensuring that meals are hot and ready by the time of delivery or clients’ arrival isn’t easy. But there are tools that can greatly reduce the chance of incidents.

For instance, to provide clockwise delivery service, the FoodBerry Team traces their couriers and delivery cars on the map. It’s also easy to replace couriers in case of accidents and keep in touch with them without leaving the admin panel.

The team incorporates a chat window to resolve customer complaints and the Alert Center to stay notified when orders haven’t been processed. Since all the info on clients and restaurants is included in records, the team can effortlessly contact the person that is experiencing an issue or get in touch with the diner to resolve problems.


The results speak for themselves: the entire system for managing the app and restaurants’ data has been realized in short two weeks. All time-consuming and monotonous operations have been fully automated, which allowed for faster order placement and processing, quicker delivery, and greater revenue.

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a ready-to-run admin panel designed to fit the operational needs of your business. Integrate our API with your web application's database and enjoy!

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