Date night is on the horizon? Friends are coming over? Who are we kidding – we don’t really need an excuse to plan a movie night. Emovi, an AI-driven entertainment app, helps cinemaholics find the best fit for the occasion.

Driven by the idea of simplifying the movie search, the CEO Daniel Dhawan launched the project in 2016. With the mission to take the pressure off movie fans around the globe, the team has been developing algorithms for most accurate film suggestions for over two years.

As the project scaled up, the team started searching for the tools to manage the data on movie lists’ performance and user satisfaction. The first attempts to optimize the app’s operations went down swinging. The PostgreSQL database management system and Django Admin they used simply didn’t offer the tools to sufficiently handle the workload.

Exhausted, Daniel spent weeks searching for a much more flexible and customizable solution. That was, until he found out about Jet Admin in Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator. It only took the developers 5 minutes to install Jet and everything was set up for work.

“Switching to Jet Admin was the best decision we made at that point. There’s really no need to use anything else.”- Daniel Dhawan, Emovi CEO      


Customizable Interface

Thanks to Jet Admin’s user-friendly interface, the Emovi team can now easily group films into mood lists and even track how they are performing on the app without leaving the admin panel. The admin panel supports all the custom CRUD operations of the team and integrates insightful data like views and reactions.

Analytics per Record

The team monitors the effectiveness of the movie lists right in the Jet interface. While working with user activity analytics, team members can segment the most active movie fans, as well as view their profiles. Thanks to this feature, developers can directly connect with users and get feedback to improve user experience.

Team-Based Permissions

No more accidents or sloppy mistakes. With Jet’s team-based access control, the admin panel is always kept neatly organized. Data scientists are only permitted to download the data, whereas marketing managers have the full access to the metrics editing.

Segmentation & Data Export

Jet Admin is able to segment users by favourite movies, what they added to wishlist, etc. The team can view and export segment data for further operations. This one feature has significantly accelerated the learning process of Emovi’s recommendation engine.


Final Summary


“We never want to use anything else. Jet has every little tool we need,”  Emovie CEO, Daniel Dhawan

After 5 months of using Jet Admin, the Emovi team has been able to focus on the development of the application and quickly test the hypotheses with no cost on the part of the developers to refine the temporary solutions or waste resources on creating their own.

The built-in analytics system has helped the Emovi team collect valuable feedback from users. Developers have reduced time and effort needed for customer development. Now, Daniel and the team can improve user experience by making timely updates based on the analyzed data. To top it off, the segment data export feature helped Emovi speed up the learning process of the recommendation system.

Thank you for reading! Jet Admin is a ready-to-run admin panel designed to fit the operational needs of your business. Integrate our API with your web application's database and enjoy!

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